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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak to Add New Silkbind Attacks

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Silkbind

Capcom will add new Silkbind attacks with the upcoming release of the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion. While details are scarce, it’s likely we’ll get to learn more about the new actions and how to unlock them in the coming months.

The Wirebug mechanic and Silkbind attacks were introduced in Monster Hunter Rise. Using the titular Wirebug, hunters can jump across maps, climb walls, and fight monsters with increased mobility.

Silkbind attacks, on the other hand, are weapon-specific attacks that can do anything from negate damage to launching hunters into the air. Silkbind attacks also have the added benefit of getting monsters closer to a mountable state. There are three Silkbind attacks for all 14 weapon types, totaling 42 unique moves. Some of the moves are only available after players have unlocked them via quests.

It’s not the first time that Capcom has added entirely new mechanics with an expansion, either. In the Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion, the company also introduced the Clutch Claw. Similar to the Wirebug, the Clutch Claw allowed hunters to grapple onto monsters and deal damage while riding them.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and the new Silkbind attacks will arrive sometime in Summer 2022. Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available to play on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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