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Monster Hunter Rise Videos Highlight Hammer and Sword & Shield Actions

Monster Hunter Rise Hammer Sword and Shield weapon

In the latest set of Monster Hunter Rise weapon introduction videos, Capcom shined a spotlight on the Hammer and Sword & Shield. The videos provide a look at some of the new and unique actions someone could perform the weapons. The official website provided more information about the new moves.

Monster Hunter Rise – Hammer

The first unique move for the mighty hammer is the “Wheel of Misfortune.” This is a spinning jump attack that can dish out multiple hits during the jump. Furthermore, it could be used as a charge attack. The next one is called “Impact Crater.” This Silkbind Attack starts with a jump, then follows with a powerful rising attack with a smashing landing.

Monster Hunter Rise – Sword & Shield

Next, we have another classic weapon: the versatile Sword & Shield. The first unique action is a stylish, forward-leaping attack called “Falling Shadow.” Upon landing a hit, it continues with a Scaling Slash, which could also be followed-up with a Falling Bash in midair. The next one is a defensive move called “Windmill” that uses Ironsilk to swing your blade to nullify a hit from the monster.

Here’s a list of all the previous Monster Hunter Rise weapon trailers:

Monster Hunter Rise will release worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

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