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Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades & Bow Videos Show Unique Weapon Actions

Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades Bow

Capcom shared two new videos showcasing the Dual Blades and Bow in Monster Hunter Rise. The official Monster Hunter Rise Twitter account and website provided more information about the unique skillsets for these weapons in the upcoming title. Each demonstration showcases two abilities players can perform with either the Dual Blades or Long Bow.

The first of these techniques for the Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades is known as the Shrouded Vault. This action will “hurl you forward in a designated direction,” and getting hit while moving will trigger a spinning attack. The second action for this weapon, Piercing Bind, will quite literally bind an enemy to the player using the wirebug. This technique pierces the target with a kunai that will detonate after a brief period of time. Additional hits to the area where the kunai is lodged will “rack up extra damage that scales with each hit.”

You can watch the demonstration video for the Dual Blades in Monster Hunter Rise below.

Just like the Dual Blades, the Long Bow in Monster Hunter Rise will have two special attacks. The first of these actions is the Herculean Draw, which will allow the player to “surge forward in any designated direction.” When someone does, the player’s attack will be be stronger than usual for a short time after performing this skill. The second action is the Focus Shot. While crouching, the player’s stamina will rapidly regenerate. If you manage to time a dodge right while crouching, players can “nullify a monster attack while evading.”

You can watch the demonstration video for the Bow in Monster Hunter Rise below.

Two images were shared of the Dual Blade and Bow armor and weapon sets featured in the demonstration video. You can check them out below.

Monster Hunter RiseĀ will launch on the Nintendo Switch worldwide on March 26, 2021. A demo will be made available for a limited time in January 2021. Capcom previously shared a demonstration video for the Greatsword, one of the 14 returning weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.

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