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Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Videos Focus on the Long Sword and Lance

Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword and Lance

The next two weapon introduction videos for Monster Hunter Rise focus on the Long Sword and Lance. These videos give us a closer look at the weapons’ unique actions, along with details from the official website.

Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword

The first move from the Long Sword in Monster Hunter Rise is “Serene Pose,” which allows the user to take a hit while the weapon is at the ready to perform a counterattack. The second move is “Soaring Kick,” which uses the Wirebug to launch the Long Sword-wielder into a jump kick that connects to a Plunging Thrust. Landing the thrust automatically fills up your Spirit Gauge for a short period of time. Furthermore, you can follow-up the kick with a Spirit Helm Breaker at the cost of one Spirit Gauge level.

Monster Hunter Rise Lance

Next, we have a look at some of the unique actions from the Lance in Monster Hunter Rise. The first is “Twin Vine,” which starts with a kunai jab to get the target’s attention. From there, the wielder can launch themselves towards the target while guarding. The next one is a defensive action called “Anchor Rage.” It allows you to absorb attacks with your shield for a temporary attack buff. The power of the attack absorbed determines how much of a boost you get.

Monster Hunter Rise will release worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. Check out the previous weapon trailers for the Dual Blades and Bow.

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