Orion Armor Set Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Orion Armor Set is Coming to Monster Hunter Rise

Along with a new patch and bonus content, the Orion layered armor set is coming to Monster Hunter Rise. The armor will be a reward for the “Frost Bites” event quest that releases on December 30, 2021. Other event quests feature Apex Zinogre, Diablos, Mizutsune, Rathalos, and more.

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Capcom originally introduced the Orion armor set in the Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion. Unlike the previous installment, hunters will only have to complete an event quest to receive the layered armor set. The “Frost Bites” event quest will task players with hunting a Lagombi, Barioth, and Goss Harag in the Frost Islands.

Additionally, Capcom issued a variety of bug fixes with the version 3.7 patch. The full list of fixes is available on the official Monster Hunter Rise website. Furthermore, the company also revealed the next few planned event quests. As with previous event quests, players can download these new quests once they release via Senri the Mailman in the Steelworks area.

Below is a list of the planned event quests and dates:

  • December 23/24, 2021:
    • “Blazin’ Soul of a Warrior” – Hunt a Magnamalo (Lava Caverns)
    • “Challenge Quest 07” – Slay an Apex Zinogre, Apex Mizutsune, and Apex Diablos (Infernal Springs)
  • December 30/31, 2021:
    • “Frost Bites” – Hunt a Lagombi, Barioth, and Goss Harag (Frost Islands)
    • “Apex Rathalos Emergency” – Slay an Apex Rathalos (Shrine Ruins)

Earlier this month, Capcom teased an upcoming collaboration event quest with Universal Studios Japan. In November 2021, the company also added a Sonic the Hedgehog crossover event to Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available on the Nintendo Switch. A PC port is releasing on January 12, 2022, and will have all of the Nintendo Switch version’s content released up to Ver.3.6.1. The Sunbreak expansion is set to release sometime in Summer 2022.

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