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Monster Hunter Rise Universal Studios Japan Collaboration Quests Coming Soon

Monster Hunter Rise Universal Studios Japan

Capcom announced a new collaboration between Universal Studios Japan and Monster Hunter Rise. The collaboration will bring new event quests to the game, and players will likely receive cosmetic items, emotes, or sticker sets as rewards. While Capcom has not announced any specifics, it will reveal more information at a later date.

Universal Studios Japan has been a longstanding partner for the Monster Hunter series, starting with the first annual Monster Hunter the Real event in 2010. This is the first time the amusement park is collaborating with Monster Hunter Rise since its release in March 2021.

Notably, Universal Studios Japan has hosted various Monster Hunter-themed attractions over the years, often with exclusive in-game cosmetics as incentives. These include the Star Knight Armor set from Monster Hunter 4U and the Azure Star weapon and armor set in Monster Hunter World. It’s unconfirmed whether the upcoming collaboration will also feature a new armor or weapon set.

Back in October, Capcom also announced a Monster Hunter World VR attraction would appear at Universal Studios Japan. In recent years, the amusement park has partnered with other big-name video game companies including Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. It also plans to add a Donkey Kong area to its new Super Nintendo World area sometime in 2024.

Monster Hunter Rise is immediately available on Nintendo Switch. A PC version will release on January 12, 2022. The upcoming Sunbreak expansion will release for both PC and Nintendo Switch in Summer 2022.

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