The Pokemon Company and Universal Studios Japan Enter Partnership

Universal Studios Japan Pokemon

Universal Studios Japan and The Pokemon Company have entered an official partnership. It will be a long-term partnership between the two companies, which will see the addition of Pokemon related attractions to the amusement park. The first collaboration between The Pokemon Company and Universal Studios Japan is expected to appear in 2022. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

However, details as to what kind of attractions this partnership will bring to Universal Studios Japan will arrive at a later time. A statement from The Pokemon Company reveals that it intends to create new Pokemon related entertainment at theme parks. Additionally, the announcement of the partnership came during the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon series.

This isn’t the first time Universal Studios has made plans to collaborate with companies and bring video game related attractions to its park. Previously, the theme park has had both Resident Evil and Monster Hunter attractions appear for a limited time. More recently, Universal Studios Japan has opened a Super Nintendo World. This theme park features a variety of Mario themed attractions, including amusement park rides, food, and drinks.

There are also plans to open up a Donkey Kong themed attraction inside the Super Nintendo World area of the park sometime in 2024.

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