Monster Hunter XX On Switch Gets New Off-Screen Footage, Details Changes From 3DS Version

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Monster Hunter XX is headed to Switch in Japan this August and we got the latest look with some off-screen footage as well as details on how it is handling changes from the lack of a bottom screen.


The above video is a look at the latest off-screen footage from V-Jump.


Here are some new details from 4Gamer:

  • TV mode is at 1080p resolution while handheld mode goes 720p.


  • The Target Camera is displayed on the upper-right part of the screen, and is switched on/off with the ZL button. Pressing the L button while Target Camera is on focuses the camera on a nearby large monster.


  • The 3DS version shows the Hunter Arts meter on the bottom screen, but on Switch you’ll see it located on the bottom-right of the screen next to the item menu. Pressing the up button is used to do the Hunter Art 1, right for Hunter Art 2, and down for Hunter Art 3.


  • There are three control types and you’ll get to switch through them in the options.


  • Monster Hunter XX on Switch supports controller vibration, but it won’t be the HD Rumble. You’ll feel the controller vibrate during monster roars, when landing a Hunting Art, when getting hit by Barufaruku’s “Comet” attack, and various other scenarios. This can also be turned off and on at the options menu.


Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Version releases in Japan on August 25, 2017.

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