monsterlab1.jpgLast month, Eidos announced that their monster-building action RPG Monster Lab would be heading to the Wii and Nintendo DS. However, Monster Lab may not be appearing solely on Nintendo systems after all. GameFly has a listing for a PS2 version of the game, apparently set to come out on May 31st, though this is likely a tentative date. If this is true, it means yet another game that was originally thought to be Wii exclusive will be heading to the PS2. I just wonder if the PS2 version, if it indeed exists, will retain the online functionality of the Wii version. And as always, keep in mind that this isn't official until we hear something from Eidos. However, given Gamefly's track record, I'd bet that a PS2 version does exist. Also, I wonder just how long this trend of Wii games being ported to the PS2 will last. What do you readers think? 


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