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Monster Rancher 2 World Battle Registrations Are Open

Monster Rancher 2 - Monster Koshien World Battle King of Monster Tournament 2022

Koei Tecmo has opened registrations for the Monster Koshien World Battle: King of Monster Tournament 2022. Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX owners worldwide can enter one of their frozen monsters in the second game. Japanese players who own the original standalone port of Monster Rancher 2 can also join the tournament. The entry system accepts monsters with a maximum total stat value of 2997.

The upcoming tournament also has another notable restriction by banning all Metalner breeds. When Koei Tecmo held the first tournament for the Monster Rancher 2 port in Fall 2020, Metalners dominated the top 8 finals. The company banned Metalners from subsequent tournaments and held a separate exhibition cup exclusive to the breed.

After the registrations close on May 22, 2022, at 22:59 ET, Koei Tecmo will put the monsters into tournament brackets and run the matches automatically. All players who participate in the tournament will receive a certificate on the game page. The company will also award Bronze Medals to the top 64 monsters, Silver Medals to the top 16, and Gold Medals to the top 4 who made their way to the semifinals.

Koei Tecmo will stream the top 8 finals of the tournament on its YouTube channel. In the meanwhile, people can watch the finals of the previous Summer 2021 tournament for reference:

Monster Rancher 2 is included in the Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX bundle, available worldwide on Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and iOS mobile devices.

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