Monster Sanctuary PVP Finally Lets People Fight Each Other Online


Monster Sanctuary, the Metroidvania with Pokemon and Dragon Quest Monsters-like monster collecting and training, has added a feature promised since its Kickstarter days. Moi Rai Games says is now possible to fight other people’s teams. The Monster Sanctuary PVP update is live in the early access build, letting people start trying for a spot in the game’s new leaderboards.

Once you download and apply the Monster Sanctuary update, you need to make sure you hit a certain progress point to take part in online matches. You will only be able to access this online arena if you have beaten seven Champion Monsters and become a Keeper Lancer. If you have, then you can go into the ring and fight other folks online.

Like Pokemon, a Monster Sanctuary PVP match involves every creature in your immediate party. While you only have three out and active at once, all six will eventually be in play. You can swap creatures in and out, and a winner is declared when one person runs out of monsters. There is also a stalemate prevention system in effect, which will keep the from dragging on for too many turns. Your wins will be charted on the online leaderboards, letting you see how well you are doing compared to other players.

While the Monster Hunter PVP is the main highlight of the update, a new monster is also in the game. A Community Monster Contest Popular Vote winner is in. RacieB’s Manticorb, which is basically a little cyclops crossed with a manticore, has been added in the early Monster Sanctuary area. Its skill tree includes neutral attacks, buffs to help the party and itself, and fire, water, and wind elemental attacks.

Monster Sanctuary is available via early access on PCs. The full game will appear on the Nintendo Switch and PC. You can learn more about the game in our preliminary playtest.

Jenni Lada
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