Monster Sanctuary Kickstarter Funding A Metroidvania Monster-Taming Game




Denis Sinner’s Monster Sanctuary, a game that casts you as a Monster Keeper and sends you out to save the Monster Sanctuary by collecting creatures and making your way through the world, has made its Kickstarter debut. The PC game is seeking $22,909 by November 22, 2018.


Monster Sanctuary involves finding and recruiting monsters. As you acquire new ones and level up skill trees, it is possible to advance further in the world and reach locations you might not have been able to access before.  There is party-based combat which relies on elemental attacks present. Between 50-100 monsters and 100-200 light and dark shifted variations will be present. A crafting system is also present.


To help people get an idea of what Monster Sanctuary is like, a demo has been released on Game Jolt and Steam. It lasts about two hours ad includes an Infinity Arena mode. A new trailer has also been released.


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The Monster Sanctuary Kickstarter notes that it has been in development since 2015 and has 80% of the features the development team wants in it. If all goes well, the beta should launch in early 2019, an Early Access build would appear in mid-2019, and the full game would debut on PCs in late 2020. The current stretch goals include more monsters and a New Game Plus mode at the lower levels, and a Nintendo Switch port at the €60,000 tier. The top stretch goal is €100,000 for online PvP.

Jenni Lada
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