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Moon Diver Producer Talks About His Vision For The Game


Since the game’s associate producer is out “on vacation,” Seyfert, one of the protagonists of Square Enix’s upcoming Strider-inspired action-sidescroller, Moon Diver, decided to interview the game’s creator, Kouchi Yotsui, himself.


“Seyfert” asks Yotsui what his vision for the game is, to which Yotsui replied: “At some point, action games became all about using complicated maneuvers to coordinate precise attacks against mobs of enemies. As fun as that can be, I think variety is necessary to keep things interesting.”


“Action games with simpler controls have their own appealing elements that should also be considered for game creation,” he continued. “For example, some action games should be about defeating not just the enemies, but the entire stage itself. It’s the old school way.”


Seyfert also asked Yotsui to tell him more about Faust, the game’s primary antagonist and Seyfert’s arch-enemy. His reply:


“There once lived an evil man. There once lived an evil woman. And if a third evil were to come into play, it would be their child — a child born from evil. I’m excited to see what he’ll do and how he’ll deal with his fate.”


Yotsui was one of the creators of Strider, which is why Moon Diver looks similar in style. Square Enix don’t have a set release date for the game on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network yet.

Ishaan Sahdev
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