Morality May Cause players To Squabble In Co-Op Beat ‘Em Up Samurai Riot


Beat ‘em up Samurai Riot takes players to a dangerous vision of sci-fi Japan, one fraught with danger from mechanical creatures and ancient beasts, but also tasks players with making moral decisions between them and their co-op partner.


Players can act as Sukane or Tsurumaru, using their unique movesets to tackle the futuristic monsters from Japanese folklore. They can do this alone or with a local co-op partner, but it is definitely easier to bring a friend, as fighting well with a partner will let the player use devastating co-op attacks. As players defeat enemies together, they’ll also gain points that will let them unlock new powers for their character.

Players will have to do more than work together in combat. Samurai Riot also features moral decisions over the course of the game that will alter the ending, and both players get a say in what happens. If they do not agree on a given decision, they will have to fight each other, PvP style, to decide which decision gets made.


Samurai Riot is set to release on Steam this September.

Alistair Wong
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