More Event Servants Return to Fate/Grand Order

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Lasengle announced the second batch of event Servants who are permanently available in Fate/Grand Order. Using Evocation Leaves, you can get previously-limited Servants, as well as materials to upgrade them, their skills, and their Noble Phantasm. This time, the Servants are Elisabeth Bathory (Halloween), Elisabeth Bathory (Brave), Mysterious Idol X (Alter), and Nobunaga.

Though Nobunaga has been a very prominent character in virtually every GUDAGUDA event, it was impossible for new players to get her. This is because she was the welfare Servant from the 2015 Honnouji event. Lasengle very rarely re-runs events after a certain time frame outside of extenuating factors. Nobunaga is an Archer in her vanilla form.

Both versions of Elisabeth are from different Halloween events. The Halloween version is a Caster whereas the Brave version is a Saber. Finally, Mysterious Idol X (Alter) is an Alter Ego who debuted during the Moonlight/Lostroom collaboration event.

Every day until May 24, 2023, we will see a login bonus that gives players Saint Quartz and Evocation Leaves. You can get more Evocation Leaves and even Crystallized Lores through Master Missions. As a reminder, Evocation Leaves never expire. The event Servants coming back will also remain permanently in the Fate/Grand Order in-game shop so you can purchase them whenever you want.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available on mobile devices. So far, the Evocation Leaves system is exclusive to the Japan server.

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