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More Splatoon 3 Weapons and Stage Details Revealed

Splatoon 3 Returning Stage

Nintendo revealed more details about new weapons and a returning stage coming to Splatoon 3. These details mark the latest round of content updates about the upcoming Sizzle Season, which begins on June 1, 2023. The new stage is Humpback Pump Track and the weapons are the Annaki Splattershot Nova and Splatana Wiper Deco.

Humpback Pump Track first appeared in Splatoon 2 and is now returning for Splatoon 3. It’s based on a BMX track, with a prominent hump in the middle of the stage. It’s also full of uneven terrain, adding a greater challenge.

Two more new weapons for Splatoon 3 have been revealed. The Annaki Splattershot Nova is a variant on the Splattershot Nova giving it a sleek blue look. It comes equipped with an Ink Mine sub weapon and the Inkjet special. The Splatana Wiper Deco is a variant on the Splatana Wiper weapon. This version comes with a Squid Beakon sub weapon and a Tenta Missile special.

Nintendo have also previously confirmed a new stage for Splatoon 3‘s Sizzle Season, Barnacle and Dime. This stage is based on a mall. New weapons confirmed for this season include the Painbrush and Super Scope-inspired S-BLAST ’92. Nintendo have also confirmed the latest additions to the new season’s catalog.

Splatoon 3 is available now for Nintendo Switch. Sizzle Season begins on June 1, 2023.

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