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New Details About the Splatoon 3 Painbrush Weapon Revealed

Splatoon 3 - Painbrush
Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube.

Nintendo revealed more details about the new Painbrush weapon coming to Splatoon 3. From what can be seen, this fan brush weapon appears to spread ink in wide areas at the cost of big amounts of ink. It was announced as part of the Sizzle Season 2023, along with a blaster reminiscent of the classic Super Scope peripheral for the SNES.

Take a look at a preview of how the Painbrush works from the official Splatoon Twitter account below.

The appearance of the new Painbrush in Splatoon 3 is meant to resemble a fan brush, while its handle looks like a palette cup. As you can see in the video, attacks with this brush will always start with a slow initial swing which are followed by much faster ones. Moreover, just like other brush weapons, you can run holding the brush against the floor by pressing ZR.

Unlike previous brush weapons, this variation is designed for a longer range at the cost of a slower start-up. More importantly, the preview also shows that you can splat enemies with just about two direct hits. However, these attacks seem to be quite draining when it comes to ink usage, as the ink-tank reserve reduces swiftly with each strike.

As for the add-ons, the Painbrush will come equipped with a Curling Bomb as the sub-weapon and a Wave Breaker for the special. This makes for a playstyle more focused on fast, head-on movement with the long narrow strokes and the paths left by the Curling Bomb.

Additionally, the Sizzle Season will also bring more catalogs with various content such as new Tableturf Battle cards, outfits, and emotes. Notably, there will also be the new Challenges, which will change up the experience with different game conditions such as a stage-wide fog or high jumps available for all the players.

Splatoon 3 is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. The new Sizzle Season will start on June 1, 2023.

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