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More Wild Hearts Patch Content Will Arrive in March 2023

Wild Hearts Patch

More Kemono are coming to menace Azuma and attract the Hunters’ attention this month. The official account of Wild Hearts promised more content is arriving “throughout the month” of March 2023. Additionally, on March 1st a new Wild Hearts patch emerged for the game on all platforms, addressing various concerns and performance issues. The full patch notes can be seen via this link.

The official Twitter account for Wild Hearts challenged players to “quell the torrid inferno before it reduces everything to ash.” It also tweeted a picture teasing the silhouette of a new Volatile Kemono.

In Wild Hearts, Volatile Kemono (and the more difficult Deeply Volatile Kemono) are highly aggressive, more challenging versions of existing Kemono. Given the silhouette, the new Kemono may be a variant of the existing, ape-like Lavaback or Cobalt Lavaback.

While players wait on new content, yesterday saw the launch of the Wild Hearts patch version 1.05. The patch, which applies to all versions of the game, fixes a variety of issues affecting things like equipment and progression-blocking bugs. It also locks out an item duplication exploit that could be performed by resetting their weapon upgrade tree for free resources.

Some issues addressed include a bug making Lavabacks unresponsive after online co-op. Other fixes addressed the inability to obtain Changing Essence in some situations, making it impossible to progress the story. The patch follows on hotfixes intended to address performance issues reported by some users playing on PC. Wild Hearts Patch 1.05 also adds the ability to disable reflections on PC, allowing players to further tweak their graphical settings for better results.

Wild Hearts is available on the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Check out Siliconera’s review of the game.

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