Most Used FGO English Version Servants Include Archer Emiya and Hercules

FGO Most Used Servants

Aniplex announced the top five most used servants in the English version of Fate/Grand Order. The top five most used FGO servants include Saber Siegfried, Archer Emiya, Lancer Elizabeth Bathory, Berserker Hercules, and Tamamo Cat.

The company revealed the top five servants during an FGO panel at Anime NYC 2021. Kenji Akabane and Chiaki Kobayashi, the voices of Kadoc Zemlupus and Bartholomew Roberts respectively, shared some notable facts about the top picks. Interestingly, the list excludes Mash Kyrielight due to the fact that a significant portion of players uses the character.

Kobayashi notes that players can obtain all of the top five servants from the 4-star guaranteed summons at the start of the game. In addition to their useful abilities, he adds that this is likely the reason why the servants are the most used in the game. Akabane recalls how he was told to go forward with the game if he pulled Hercules at the beginning, due to the character’s powerful abilities.

The two voice actors also offered their own servant recommendations. Akabane recommends Saber Musashi as well as Caster Anastasia, one of the servants of character he voices. He also highlights Avenger Space Ishtar, one of the servants that appeared in the new Saber Wars 2 event. On other hand, Kobayashi recommends the Saber Altria Pendragon, as well as his own character Bartholomew.

You can check out the FGO most used servants cast comment panel in the video below.

Fate/Grand Order is immediately available on iOS and Android devices. Recently, an unofficial popularity poll also revealed the top 30 most popular SSR servants in the Japanese FGO community.

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