Motomu Toriyama Suggests Final Fantasy VII Remake is in a ‘Different World’

Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania Toriyama Interview

Recent interviews from the Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania have surfaced online. These interviews have revealed more information about the scenario of the game. Specifically, a quote from Co-Director and Scenario Designer Motomu Toriyama suggests that Final Fantasy VII Remake is in a different world. [Thanks, aitaikimochi!]

The full quote mentions that while the theme of Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of loss, that the potential of characters that died in the original scenario of the game surviving could indicate that this is a new world entirely. Theories regarding the scenario of Final Fantasy VII Remake have been swirling since its release. Specifically ones regarding the ending and the phantoms plaguing Aerith.

However, this article will not go into detail regarding any of these things to avoid potential spoilers. That said, this seems to be one of the stronger suggestions that all is not what it seems. Additionally, Toriyama does mention something specific regarding the ending in Final Fantasy VII Remake and Biggs. He specifically mentions that because some characters survived, others may have been saved as well.

He doesn’t go any further into this, and simply suggests that characters that could have previously perished in the events of Final Fantasy VII may be alive in the remake.

Final Fantasy VII RemakeĀ is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The Final Fantasy VII Remake Ultimania is currently available to purchase. However, it is currently only available in Japanese.

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