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Musou Stars Adds Opoona, Kasumi Costume For Wang Yuanji As A First-Print Bonus



We haven’t seen much of Opoona since his self-titled Wii RPG Opoona back in 2007, but we’ll meet him again in Musou Stars, as Koei Tecmo revealed him as the game’s newest character at Jump Festa 2017 this weekend. Famitsu shares a look at his first screenshots.


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Opoona was revealed during Koei Tecmo’s “Greatest Lineup in History Special Program” that took place over the weekend, where they showcased some of his moves in a brief gameplay trailer.


The above video is a clip that was shown during the event. [Via DualShockers.]



Additionally, Koei shared a look at a Kasumi costume for Wang Yuanji.






As well as a peek at two posters showing male and female characters at the hot springs. These posters will be included in the game’s Treasure Box edition in Japan.


Musou Stars releases in Japan on March 2, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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