Namco Bandai Cashes In With [email protected] SP DLC


[email protected] SP has the ability to connect to the PlayStation Store for downloadable content, and Namco Bandai is definitely taking advantage of that. They’re ready, willing and able to accept copious amounts of cash for in-game extras. Already an adequate amount of content is available, with more planned for the coming months.


A good resource for browsing the shop when you don’t feel like getting out your PSP is the official [email protected] SP website. It lists the downloadable content available, along with a reference image, price and brief description.


Please remember if you’re going to purchase DLC – only purchase it for the three idols in your game. If you have Perfect Sun and go purchasing songs and the email address for Iori, you’re wasting money because she’s only in Wandering Star. Also keep in mind that, as of March 10, 2009, the Yahoo! Finance Currency Converter was saying $1 equaled ¥98.63.


The least expensive item in the 765 Shop are the mail addresses. For ¥100, you can purchase the addresses for the idols in your game. You can then receive emails from the three characters in your game. It’s kind of a shame that this is premium item for [email protected] SP, since it was free in previous games. There are nine addresses total (one for each of the 765 girls), so it’ll cost you ¥900 for all of them. There are no bundle discounts.


Next come the image songs. Each of the nine main idols have what is called a Master Artist song, which is basically that character’s image song. (Sound familiar anime fans?) This is a song that is specifically designed for that character. But, for ¥150 per character, you can purchase that song for the other characters. So far three songs are available, Yayoi’s “Kiramekirari,” Iori’s “Futari no Kioku” and Chihaya’s “Me ga au Toki.” So, say you want to get “Kiramekirari” for the eight other idols – it will cost ¥3,600.


After that are the ¥200 accessories. These are divided up into four catagories – head, arm, body and leg. So far there are only four accessories available, one for each part. If you buy one, it can be used on any idol and with any game, so you don’t need to worry about checking for character names when purchasing here. The first batch has a music theme and consists of Imas headphones, Shoulder Speaker wings, Wristband of Note hand accessories and Ankle of Note boot accessories. All the items help boost your idol’s Vocal stat, and if you invest in all eight it will cost you ¥800.


The next item may be a little tricky, because initially people may think it is a full costume. It isn’t. For ¥500 you can purchase Japanese Wave, a new, floral color scheme for the Cute & Girly outfit in game. This works in the same way as the accessory DLC – it works with any version of the game and every idol.


The most expensive item is the ¥1,000 Extend Pop Sound Blossom costume. This is an entirely new outfit that your idol can wear. It has unknown what effect it has on your idol’s stats, so you have to purchase it to find out for yourself.


So, if you decide to splurge and get everything for say… [email protected] SP: Perfect Sun – the three extra songs, email addresses, accessories, new color scheme and extra outfit, it will cost you ¥6,800. That’s around $68.95. The first batch of DLC costs more than one of the [email protected] SP games. Thank goodness you get one outfit free. Add this week’s downloadable content and the total goes up to ¥13,000 or US $131.81.


If the price doesn’t deter you, stop by Youtube. Quite a few users have uploaded videos of the [email protected] SP girls wearing the new DLC, like video from user ImasPSP below.


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