PlayStation 3

Namco Bandai’s [email protected] Channel Is Packed Full Of Songs



025 030

The [email protected] Channel on Sony’s PlayStation 3 has updated itself with two new pieces of content for the [email protected] Shiny TV. This means re-mastered, HD versions of songs from all the various versions and copies of the games that have been around for a while. (So many even we’ve found it hard to keep count and score.)


One is the third “Gravure for You!” pack, above, which has  themed packs such as winter and the beach where you’ll get to pose some of the idols such as Yukiho Hagiwara. The second, and far meatier, is the latest mini-album set 4 called “Chihaya Friends: Earnest”


Note that these albums will have overlap songs from previous mini-albums. What changes is which idol gets some extra stage time. In this case it’s Chihaya Kisaragi’s turn to shine. Awaited Prince, for instance, has been in all the previous mini-albums released as well.


The album comes with 6 songs to play and these are:


002 003

Awaited Prince (sung by: 765PRO ALLSTARS)


005 006

When Our Eyes Meet (sung by: Chihaya Kisaragi)


007 009

shiny smile (sung by: Haruka Amami, Chihaya Kisaragi)


011 012

Mornin’!! It’s Breakfast (sung by: Yayoi Takatsuki)



We’ll Always Be Together… Right? (sung by: 765PRO ALLSTARS)


016 017

Blue Island (sung by: Chihaya Kisaragi, Makoto Kikuchi, Takane Shijou)


Both the Gravure pack and Mini-album will cost 1500 yen each (About US$15). The game is out now for the Sony PlayStation 3 via its channel.