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Namco Bandai’s New PS3 Game Is All About Managing Voice Actors



We’ve seen games that have you managing idols, but not many where you assume the role of a voice actor producer—well, that is until now. According to Famitsu magazine, Namco Bandai developers Craft & Meister’s new game, Casting Voice is an upcoming visual novel game that is all about being a voice actor producer.


In Casting Voice, your job as the producer will be to communicate with various fictional voice actors ranging from popular up-and-coming characters, to respected veterans of the industry. You’ll also be in charge of casting and recording with over 40 different voice actors.


During the casting and recording sessions, there will be actual anime series involved in the game, where you’ll be free to choose who gets the roles.


Here’s some more info on some of the voice actors:


Kumiko Jujo: A 19-years and 7300-days old voice actress who goes by Mrs. Jujo or Kumi-chan. The 19 plus 19-year-old former idol has a gentle and quiet personality.


Saya Uchiyama:  A 20-year-old voice actress who goes by the nickname Saari-chan and Saya-sama. She has a smart appearance, but she’s actually a “hikikomori” or shut-in, who prefers staying indoors. She’s been wanting to be a voice actress since watching anime as a child.


Yukihiko Hino: A 20-year-old voice actor, who goes by Hime-kun and Yuki-chan. He’s a talented new voice actor who specializes in voicing cute-type characters.


Takashi Michiba: A 54-year-old veteran voice actor, who goes by Micchi and Michiba-san. He has a cheerful and jocular personality, but he can also be strict at times. He’s known for voicing lead roles in gag anime, and prides himself in his previous work as an actor.


Casting Voice is slated for release in 2014 for PlayStation 3.

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