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Namco And Sony Team Up To Release Shin Dynasty Warriors Gundam In Chinese


Anything Gundam is a thing for lots of fans including those in Asia, and they can’t wait as much as the rest of the world either. Namco Bandai have announced that come January, those who pick up the Singapore release of Shin Gundam Musou (Which we’ve called Shin Dynasty Warriors Gundam) will get to enjoy the game with Japanese voiceovers and Traditional Chinese subtitles.

If you couldn’t wait and bought the Japanese version early, you’ll also be able to take that same save-data and play straightaway with the now-Chinese subtitled version. Perhaps this might be a sign we might see an English-subtitled version more quickly, too?

It’s also been announced that this will be the first time the game will have Chinese translations which Namco Bandai said was done in partnership between its Taiwan studios and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia.

You can take a look at how the game will look with Chinese subtitles and text both in the screenshot above and below. Shin Dynasty Warriors is coming out in Japan December 19th for the PlayStation 3 and Vita, and in Singapore as Shin Gundam Musou in January 2014.