Neo Atlas 1469 Is Headed West




Arc System Works will be releasing Neo Atlas 1469, a simulation game in which people are creating a map of the world, outside of Japan. The ArtDink simulation will come to Steam on February 14, 2017.


In Neo Atlas 1469, you are a master of a European trading company who must hire admirals and maintain ships, then send them out into the world to chart it. You can use their reports to create your own world map, with the choices you make regarding the reports shaping the map. To support your cartographic adventures, you’ll also be establishing trade routes and dealing in various products. As you explore, you’ll find new admirals, ships, and points of interest around the world.


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Neo Atlas 1469 will be $29.99. However, a 10% launch discount will temporarily be in effect.

Jenni Lada
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