NEO GEO Run’N’Gunner Kraut Buster Shows Off Its Different Mask Abilities



NG Dev Team has released a new video for its upcoming 16-bit run’n’gunner Kraut Buster that shows off its mask feature. In short, the various masks you can have your character wear grant them new abilities, weapons, and change the surroundings and enemy behaviors.


There are currently five masks implement in the game but NG Dev Team hopes to add between four to six more of them. These might include a "Vampire Hunter" mask that will give you a chain whip in the dictator’s castle, a "Gunlord" mask that gives you “wheel bombs”, an "Uncle Sam", a "McKraken Nerd mask", and "Chainsaw killer mask."



The five that are currently in the game and that you can get a glimpse of in the footage above are as follows:


  • Chicken mask: become John Chickenstein and rescued chicks will join forces with their Gatling guns. You can also float slightly down with your feather power and drop big egg grenades.


  • 13th Splatterguy mask: turn the fight into a blood carnage with your super charged long range machete. Rage flows early through your body. Knife throwing chick sidekicks.


  • Wolf mask: supercharge your weapon power and make the grunts your little pigs. Rage flows early through your body. May have reduced scoring potential, but is easier to play.


  • Pig mask: sniffle out secrets like a truffle pig and don’t get eaten by the big bad wolves. Your tasty bacon body withstands a few bullet hits. Reduces difficulty in a passive way.


  • Japanese "Tengu" demon mask: Jump as high and fast like a Ninja, use a Katana for close range attack and lay fused bombs (use them tactical). Also 3-way shuriken throwing ninja chicks.


OK, so to explain the whole chick sidekick feature, in Kraut Buster you’re shooting Nazis and rescuing chicks, except not that kind of chick, but you know, baby chickens. Once rescued the chicks may join you and help out and, as detailed above, can be outfitted with various weaponry.


Other than that, Kraut Buster should feature several long sidescrolling stages with two to three scenarios each, 5-6 end bosses with several sub-bosses, more than one playable character with different abilities, 8-way aiming, lots of weapons including a particle shotgun and grenades (also you can carry two weapons at once), and two-player co-op.


The NEO GEO cartridges of Kraut Buster are available to buy on the NG Dev Team website but most of them have sold out already. You can find out more about the game on its website.

Chris Priestman