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NEO The World Ends With You Music Handled by Takeharu Ishimoto

Neo The World Ends With You Music

Takeharu Ishimoto announced via Twitter that he will be behind NEO The World Ends With You music. The composer worked on the first game back in 2007 and is also involved in the upcoming anime. NEO The World Ends With You will launch in 2021.

The World Ends With You series is well-known for its striking visual design and soundtrack, so people can rest assured that that vision will be preserved in the sequel. Formerly an in-house composer for Square Enix, Ishimoto composed soundtracks for many games in the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy series. Though he no longer works directly for Square Enix, he still freelances for the company. Thanks to the strong partnership, fans can enjoy more of Ishimoto’s unique sound when it will come to the NEO The World Ends With You Music.

The composer tweeted out his enthusiasm for the game, along with the recent announcement trailer.

As for the animated series inspired by the first game, the company shared the opening theme, “Teenage Riot,” and a trailer. Square Enix has also confirmed that the original Japanese cast of voice actors will return.

NEO The World Ends With You will release on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in Summer 2021.

Oni Dino
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