Netflix Live Action Gundam Movie Concept Art Revealed

Netflix Live Action Gundam Concept Art

Netflix shared a single piece of concept art for its upcoming live action Gundam movie. This was revealed through the Netflix Festival Japan 2021 YouTube video. The image shows a Gundam engulfed by flames, with most of its mechanical and wires showing through gaps in its armor. Outside of this new piece of concept art for the Netflix live action Gundam movie, little else has been revealed. [Thanks,!]

Previously, Netflix revealed that Jordan Vogt-Roberts will direct the film. However, neither its title nor any plot details have been revealed. Production on the film went silent for nearly three years before receiving an update in April 2021. Vogt-Roberts will also direct the upcoming Metal Gear Solid adaptation. His past work includes serving as director for Kong: Skull Island.

You can check out the concept art for the upcoming live action Gundam movie below. It appears 13 minutes into the video.

The film will be made in collaboration with Legendary Entertainment, which announced plans to produce the adaptation in 2018. Legendary Entertainment has had a hand in creating films such as Detective Pikachu and Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

The Gundam live action movie is currently in production. There is currently no scheduled release date for the film.

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