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New Ball Freak Merchandise Line Features Pokemon and Poke Balls

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The “Ball Freak” line of Pokemon merchandise, which features various Pokemon and matching Poke Balls, will be available in stores on April 24, 2021. The online Pokemon Center will have them in-stock on April 22. Goods range from socks to laptop covers. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

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The Pokemon and Poke Ball “Ball Freak” collection pairs up Pokemon with Poke Balls that thematically match them. The pairings are:

  • Mewtwo x Master Ball
  • Dragapult x Dusk Ball
  • Mimikyu x Luxury Ball
  • Umbreon x Moon Ball
  • Sylveon x Love Ball

There is also a wide collection of merchandise available for the “Ball Freak” line of Pokemon goods.

  • Pair mascot phone-straps (1980 JPY each – Dragapult is 2310 JPY)
  • Neckties (4400 JPY each)
  • Tie pins (2145 JPY each)
  • Hand towels (660 JPY each)
  • Round can collection (758 JPY for five)
  • Mug with lid (1540 JPY each)
  • Crew socks (880 JPY each)
  • Masking tape (1650 JPY)
  • A4 clear folder (330 JPY each)
  • Macbook Air/Pro 3-inch laptop cover (5500 JPY)

Though Pokemon usually get the spotlight, Poke Balls were the focus earlier this year when Original Stitch held a Twitter poll to decide which three Poke Balls should appear as button options. The winners were the Premium Ball, Dive Ball, and Moon Ball. The Pokemon Company and Original Stitch also added the option to design aprons based on the original 151 Kanto Pokemon.

The “Ball Freak” line of Pokemon and Poke Balls merchandise will appear in brick-and-mortar Pokemon Center stores on April 24, and will be available online from April 22, 2021.

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