New Black Desert Trailer Shows Its PvE Horde Mode In Action



Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss has shared a brand new trailer for the Korean MMO’s newly-implemented PvE horde mode. The mode, called “The Canyon of Barbarians,” is available on local servers for the game and will most likely be added to western versions of the game in the not-so-distant future.


You can check out the trailer in the following video.


The mode pits players against waves of monsters whilst they simultaneously protect a tower for thirty minutes. The waves of monsters grow in difficulty with each subsequent wave, and Boss monsters will appear every five stages. The Boss monsters will also drop special items, including boss-level equipment, black stones, memory fragments, hunter seals and more.


By clearing each wave, players will obtain points which can be used to purchase siege engines and barricades to improve the defenses of their tower. The mode will end if all players die, the tower is destroyed by the monsters, or the last wave is defeated.


Black Desert Online is available for PC. Xbox One and Xbox One X versions will release in early 2018, and a PlayStation 4 version is planned with no confirmed release date.