As previously reported, patch 2.3 will add a desynthesis system to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which will let you recycle unwanted gear and turn it into crafting material. Square Enix have shared a little more information on this will work.


Desynthesis is a new crafting ability can be used on a number of items, including equipment, housing furnishings and fish. Each crafting class has its own Desynthesis skill level, which affects your chances of successfully breaking down the item in question, as well as the materials you receive.


Desynthesis skills for each class are independent and have a maximum level of 100. There’s also a skill point maximum of 300. Breaking down an item successfully will raise your skill level for that class, but may also lower the skill level of other classes in some instances.


Desynthesizing an item will primarily give you the materials that were used to create the item in question. Occasionally, you’ll also receive special items that can only be acquired through Desynthesis. You’ll then be able to use these special items in new crafting recipes that will be available as part of patch 2.3

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