New Disturbing Scenes From ‘90s-Style Horror RPG Catequesis Arrive



After going quiet since September 2014, the creators of ‘90s-style horror RPG Catequesis have released new screenshots and a development update to reassure anyone who was worried that the game had been cancelled.


“We are working on cutscenes, foes behaviour, polishing thousands of things… and also we are working on another project at the same time…” wrote the team on the game’s IndieDB page.


The screenshots that the team released show off new parts of the game, especially its monsters and creepier elements. The shot you can se above reveals a guy who’s in love with a giant red egg during what might be a masquerade ball.



These two shots (above) seem to feature religious characters: perhaps a vicar and his dead mother, with the other showing what could be hostile worshippers – the main character has a shotgun pointed at them, either way.



The other two shots appear to be taken from a hospital: one showing the main character being tested upon by doctors while bound to a bed, the other showing a bloodied corridor with weird goopy beings showing up in the main character’s flashlight.


There is also an animated gif of one of the game’s cutscenes that you can watch here. It seems to show that the results of the doctor’s experiments turning one of the patients into a giant.

Chris Priestman