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New Eiyuden Chronicle Stretch Goals Add Investigations and Trading

Eiyuden Chronicle Kickstarter stretch goals

Three new Eiyuden Chronicle stretch goals have been added to the game’s Kickstarter, and they bring back two features present in the Suikoden series. One is investigations, which are performed by a detective character. Another is a trading system. In addition, the game is coming closer to potentially having 108 recruitable characters, as the $2.9 million stretch goal would add the 106th character.

One of these three new goals has already been reached. The Psychic Detective Agency “Background Check” was the $2.8 million secret stretch goal. As the project passed $2,832,000 as of 9am CT on August 10, 2020, people will once again get to learn more about the characters they have recruited. Based on the description, which says your fortress town detective will use their power to look at people’s pasts, it sounds like it will add Investigations. In past Suikoden games, you could pay to learn more about people you recruited. As an example, Richmond was the Suikoden II detective, and he’d be able to look into each person three times for you. (The first game didn’t have the feature.)

The Economy of Scale new Eiyuden Chronicle stretch goal is also within sight. (It was teased a while back.) At $2.85, trading will be added to the game. Again, it sounds like this will function similarly to Suikoden’s trading system, which appeared in all entries from Suikoden II onward. In each applicable game, you could find traders in certain towns. Again, using Suikoden II as an example, someone could recruit a person like Gordon. Once you did, a trade shop would open in your hub. For example, you for sure would want to stock up on mayonnaise at South Window, then sell it at either the Highway or Kobold Village.

The 106th character is the most recent fully-revealed new Eiyuden Chronicle stretch goal. It is Rody the Clock Watcher. He wants to make watches. The project page didn’t mention if he will be playable or just a fortress town resident. The campaign needs to raise $2.9 million to unlock him.

Finally, one hidden goal currently remains. At $2.925 million, something called “Western Linguistics” will unlock.

Eiyuden Chronicle has an October 2022 PC launch window, and its Kickstarter will end on August 29, 2020. It will also come to consoles like the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Jenni Lada
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