New Fate/Stay Night Anime To Be More Serious Like Fate/Zero

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As previously reported, a new Fate/Stay Night anime is in production at anime studio ufotable, and is scheduled to air in Japan in fall 2014. An interview in the latest volume of Type-Moon Ace magazine brings further details. (Thanks, Yaraon and Humanity6)


Thus far, it’s unclear just which of the three routes—Fate, Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel—ufotable will animate. That having been said, ufotable intend to take their adaptation of Fate/Stay Night in the more serious direction they went with in Fate/Zero.


(That having been said, one can expect to look forward to comical scenes as well.)


Thus far, the scenario for the series is half-complete and work has been done on several episodes. The scenario has been written to preserve the feel of Fate/Stay Night co-creator Kinoko Nasu as much as possible. Nasu himself is present every time the scenario writers meet and provides a great deal of background information. ufotable are trying to incorporate as much of this information into the show as possible, a lot of which wasn’t included in the original.


Additionally, ufotable say that, while both production staff and viewers may tend to view the new Fate/Stay Night anime as a “sequel to Zero,” they’re attempting to create their adaptation of Fate/Stay Night independently of Fate/Zero, since Zero was able to be what it is using the original Fate/Stay Night game as a foundation.


Finally, ufotable expressed their desire to “properly write Shirou Emiya as a protagonist” and mention that Shirou, Rin and Saber will have new outfits.

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