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New Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshots Show Avalanche Members, Turks, Chocobos, and Moogles

final fantasy 7 remake screenshots reno

A cavalcade of Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots have appeared on the PlayStation Blog, offering new looks at members Avalanche, two of the Turks, locations we’ll visit in Midgar, the Seventh Heaven darts minigame, a new sort of Materia, and the different sorts of weapon upgrades available.

First, a number of these images offer better looks at supporting characters in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Reno and Rude, the two Turks members people encounter most in the early game, each get a new image. There are also better pictures of Biggs, Jessie, and Wedge, the three additional members of Avalanche supporting Cloud, Barrett, and Tifa.

final fantasy 7 remake screenshots assess

The new Materia that was revealed is Assess. When equipped, it functions like Libra or Scan. The cahracter can then see information about the enemy, like how much health it has, its weaknesses, its resistances, the rewards you earn from beating it, things you could steal, items it will drop, and a brief description describing the target.

final fantasy 7 remake screenshots buster sword

As for weapons, each one can be upgraded in Final Fantasy VII Remake. When you use them, you learn skills that could be permanently learned by a character. For example, in a screenshot shared, the Buster Sword Core has Attack Power +5 and “strong attack damage in Punisher Mode 5% boost” as skills.

Speaking of Punisher Mode, this is Cloud’s unique ability. Each character has one triggered by pressing triangle. Cloud can go between the offensive Punisher Mode and more balanced Operator Mode.

The rest of the new screenshots show images of other Final Fantasy VII Remake elements. We see the Chocobo Summon. It doesn’t just have chocobos, though, as a Moogle is riding the lead bird. The options menu that lets people change between Classic, Easy, and Normal modes also appears. Classic functions more like traditional games and doesn’t involve direct controls, as a player will just select abilities, magic spells, and items that will be used when the ATB fills.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will come to the PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020. Its second part is in development and Motomu Toriyama has been added to the team.

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