New Gundam Breaker Builds A New Global Development, New Ways To Fight And Co-op

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Japan used to always get a bunch of cool Gundam games that rarely released in the West, but things are starting to change recently and Bandai Namco shared in an interview with Famitsu that New Gundam Breaker’s title is a testament to its global release.


The interview features New Gundam Breaker producer Kotaro Usui of Bandai Namco and director Daisuke Fukugawa of Craft & Meister.


Famitsu: When did development start on New Gundam Breaker?

Kotaro Usui, Producer: Since the start of 2017. The very first game released in 2013, so this year makes it 5 years. It’s quite the high pace to release a fourth title in five years, isn’t it? [laughs]


What’s the reason of going with New Gundam Breaker instead of Gundam Breaker 4?

Usui: Actually, Gundam Breaker is popular in Asia, to the point where Gundam games practically sell the most in Asia these days. Furthermore, this time we’ll be releasing it worldwide, including North America and Europe. So in a sense, that’s where the “New” comes from.


Daisuke Fukugawa, Director: Again, New Gundam Breaker completely changes the way it is played. Gundam Breaker has had co-op with its single-player being the main attraction, where you could simply have a friend join in and play together. The cooperative aspect won’t be changing in Gundam Breaker, but this time you’ll get to participate in 3v3 battles. Of course you’ll also get to play alone, but we’re making its battles shine more by allowing up to six people to participate.


Usui: When you hear about battles and versus, you might associate it with other Gundam games, but we’re making a clear distinction for it. To put it very simply, it’s like Sports Day. A theme is presented, and as you go along with the theme you score points for your team. Those are the points you’ll compete with.


About the themes, what kind do you have prepared?”

Fukugawa: Things such as “defeat __ units from the Third Force,” “destroy __ [number of] vessels,” “defeat the giant Mobile Armor (MA),” and such.


Usui: There are some themes are to simply “defeat the other team.” You’ll also get to attack the opposing teams in other types of themes, but I would say it’s more about interfering with the other team than actually having to beat them. You can also just completely avoid and not attack the opposing team to clear missions.


Fukugawa: By clearing one theme the next one will display, and that’s basically how it goes, you’ll occasionally get one theme after another to clear. You can also have up to three themes at once. From there you can either split up and do all the objectives at once or work as a three-man unit and focus on one theme at a time. The strategy behind it is one of its best charms.


New Gundam Breaker releases for PlayStation 4 in 2018. You can check out our previous report about its latest additions in Barbatos Lupus Rex, Bael, and Kimaris Vidar from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans.

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