Identity V Naiad

New Identity V Hunter Naiad is a Debuff and Trap Master

On June 1, 2021, the official Identity V Twitter teased the new hunter, Naiad. And on June 3, they posted a video detailing Naiad’s backstory. Now, the Chinese server has shown off just how Naiad will play in-game. She is a difficult and technical character to play, relying on debuffing and trapping Survivors with water.

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On Identity V Community, a video showing off her external and internal traits, as well as her presence skills, is available. However, the descriptors in the video are all in Chinese. In summary, she works by trapping Survivors within a circle of abysses, which are created whenever she walks. Naiad players will need to find a way to loop around a Survivor without them escaping first. When they are within the Water Abyss, the moisture debuff gets applied to them.

The moisture debuff is the bread and butter for Naiad. It slows down a character’s interaction, decoding, and exit gate opening speed. When moisture accumulates and reaches 100%, an underwater creature will bite the survivor for damage equivalent to a normal attack.

Similar to Wu Chang, Naiad can throw her harpoon. Though she cannot interact with anything without it, her movement speed increases by 30%. One of her presence skills allows her to charge at a survivor and apply a heavy moisture debuff. It does not cause damage.

Identity V is currently running a Death Note collaboration. Players can obtain skins for Lawyer, “Prisoner,” and Mechanic inspired, respectively, by Light, L, and Misa. The collaboration event lasts until June 24, 2021. When Naiad will appear in Identity V for players to obtain is unknown. The last new character, Toy Merchant, appeared with the start of the new season.

Identity V is available on mobile devices and Windows PC.

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