The Toy Merchant is Identity V’s Newest Survivor

Toy Merchant Identity V

NetEase has released a short video promoting the Toy Merchant, the upcoming new Survivor in Identity V. The trailer shows the details of her past, as well as how she came to visit the Manor.

You can watch her introduction video here:

The Toy Merchant, or Annie Lester, leads a sad life, manipulated by others much like a doll. Despite her circumstances, she still has a dream of opening a toy shop in order to see the smiles of children everywhere. The trailer ends with a shot of her invitation sitting at the bottom of a box of toys.

According to Identity V Community, the Toy Merchant’s unique item is her toy box, which holds two catapults and an airplane. Catapults are placed on the map for people to use and Hunters to destroy. They work similarly to a Mercenary’s bracers in that they allow Survivors to fling themselves forward a certain distance. Her airplane allows her to glide through the air, increasing her movement speed. Another trait that the Toy Merchant possesses is that she can pick up items and place them inside of her toy box. As well, she can drop them to allow other Survivors to pick them up.

Identity V is a 5-player game in which four Survivors try to escape while a Hunter attempts to kill them all. It is available on mobile devices and Windows PC. The last collaboration event was The Promised Neverland in February 2021. There is currently no confirmed release date for the Toy Merchant.

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