New info on Blue Mage and Corsair jobs


Here’s what everyone has been waiting for, the full scoop on two of the new jobs introduced in Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan. During the second developers panel plenty of information was released on how the jobs play and what players should expect. Without further introduction here we go!

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Blue Mage

Taken from previous Final Fantasy games the blue mage masters the techniques of enemies for their own use. However, the blue mage isn’t going to learn new abilities just when they’re hit with them. In fact you don’t have to wait around to be hit by a spell, just kill the monster of choice and you’ll get it. However you can only obtain a new skill if you are within the level gap so you get experience points from the monster. Also blue mage must be your main job if you want to learn more blue mage skills. When Treasures of Aht Urhgan is first released you won’t be able to learn every single enemy skill. Instead a bunch will be released with the expansion pack and more in future updates.

Blue mages won’t be able to use every skill they learn in combat. Each skill has a certain number of “set up points” required to equip it. Set up points are determined by your characters level, so as you get stronger you’ll be able to use more powerful abilities. This is obviously a balance issue to prevent blue mages from camping in high level parties and obtaining powerful spells with each monster slain. Besides set up points there still is an upper limit of how many spells you can equip.

Another interesting tidbit on the job is how blue magic works. The developers used the skill “helldive” as an example. If you use it on a slime it won’t be as effective since birds are weak versus amorphs. So blue magic’s strength and accuracy depends on the type of monster you got it from and the type of monster you’re using it on. Also each blue magic spell is defined as a physical attack or a magical attack. Physical blue magic can be used in skillchains and magic type blue magic can be used during magic bursts.


This gun wielding pirate relies on luck and information during battles. The main ability of the corsair calls upon spinning cards. You have a chance to draw one of these cards and each number does a different effect. The effect depends on what other jobs are in your parties. For instance, if you have a warrior you could gain an attack bonus, while a thief yields a critical hit boost.

Corsairs can also mix their card power with their firearm for a card shot attack. Card shots are essentially elemental magic, which changes depending on which of the eight cards you use. Another ability unique to the corsair is the skill to amplify a bad status. If you happen to cast dia on a monster and have a corsair around you can strengthen the effect of dia. Finally, the team is considering adding a skill for the corsair that lowers spell recast times.

We have a short video of the corsair in action, which will be up in a little bit. Keep your eyes out for it.

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