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New Kirby’s Dream Buffet Plushies Are Coming Soon

New Kirby plushies

Sanei announced that it will release a new series of round Kirby plushies based on his appearance on Kirby’s Dream Buffet for the Nintendo Switch. Three different types of plushies will release. These include six mini plushies, an extra soft plush, and a large plush. The plushies are scheduled to release sometime around August 2023.

The six mini plushies are different spherical versions of the beloved pink character, and they are around 11 cm in size. These include excited Kirby, whipped cream Kirby, Kirby cosplaying as Bandana Waddle Dee, a surprised yellow Kirby, Chocolate Mint Kirby, and Chocolate Kirby. The mini plushies will cost 1,540 JPY each (roughly $11 USD).

The super soft Kirby plush is a slightly bigger version of the mini plushies, and this Kirby has whipped cream on his head, shoe, and around his mouth. It will cost 2,530 JPY (~$18 USD). Finally, the large Kirby plush is about three times bigger than the mini plushies, being around 28-30 cm in size. In this plush, Kirby is wearing a gold medal. It will cost 5,500 JPY (~$40 USD).

You can take a better look at the new Kirby’s Dream Buffet plushies here:

In other Kirby news, Kirby’s Dream Land 2 released on March 2023 on the Nintendo Switch Game Boy app for users of the base Nintendo Switch Online subscription service.

The new Kirby’s Dream Buffet plushies will release in Japan sometime around August 2023. Kirby’s Dream Buffet is immediately available on Nintendo Switch.

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