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New Like a Dragon: Ishin Details Include Training and a Coliseum

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Sega released more information on how you will be able to power up Ryoma Sakamoto in Like a Dragon: Ishin through training. Ryoma will have a different teacher for each of his four fighting styles. As well, for min-maxers, you will be able to get exclusive materials for weapons from places such as the Coliseum or Battle Dungeon. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

William is his teacher for the Gunman Stance. As Ryoma improves on his marksmanship, he can unlock special bullets, such as elemental ones. You will have to face off against William as part of his training. Other teachers will appear for training as you progress through Like a Dragon: Ishin. The more you train from them, the more techniques Ryoma will be able to use. Some training menus use mini-games instead, such as destroying training dummies under a time limit or a Stance limit. Another mini-game forces you to slice up cannons that fly towards you.

Once you finish up your training, Ryoma can test his skills in combat. You can search out wanted criminals and fight them after a chase sequence. Rewards include money and Revelations. The Battle Dungeon will also feature powerful enemies similar to the wanted criminals. However, there will also be traps you have to avoid, as well as mini-missions such as saving trapped townspeople.

As mentioned earlier, the Battle Dungeon is where you can get exclusive items to upgrade your weapons. That also means that it will have different challenges, such as a large number of gun-wielding enemies. This will force you to have to utilize different strategies or tactics than how you fight on the outside.

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Finally, there is a Coliseum where you can fight to your heart’s content for valuable items. There is a knockout tournament that will give rare weapon materials, as well as give a chance to fight powerful enemies with unique weapons. There is also a mode where you have to fight through 100 enemies, with your prize money increasing depending on how many you defeat. A limit on this is that you cannot change your battle style. Both the Battle Dungeon and Coliseum can count as endgame content.


Like a Dragon: Ishin will come out on February 21, 2023 for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC.

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