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New Mysterious Glitched Pokemon Revealed On Pokemon Sword And Shield Website



Today, the Pokemon Twitter announced that the official Japanese website has been updated with new info, and going to the site reveals a new Pokemon obscured with a glitching effect.


The Japanese site reveals part of the Pokemon’s Japanese name, ‘-naito’, and it is fighting type. When accessed, a glitched out version of Rotom’s voice is played, implying that Rotom accidentally screwed up the webpage.


While not linked, an English version of the page exists here, also showing off the new Pokemon.

naito 2

In the English version, the entire name of the Pokemon is obscured. The Pokemon’s ability is Steadfast, and its description reads, “Only ____ that have survived many battles can attain this ____. When this Pokemon’s ____ ____ers, it will retire from combat.


Just what is this mysterious Pokemon?


Pokemon Sword and Shield will be available on the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019. Read more about Cramorant, Polteageist, and… curry, in our previous report here.

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