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New Nichijou Tankobon Releasing After Summer 2022

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Nichijou, also known as My Ordinary Life, will get its latest tankobon publication sometime after Summer 2022. Series creator Keiichi Arawi announced plans to release a new tankobon via personal Twitter account. The announcement follows the series’ return to regular publication after a six-year hiatus.

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Nichijou is a slice-of-life manga series that largely follows the strange and quirky hijinks of three high school girls. The manga series, which started in 2006, later received an anime adaptation produced by Kyoto Animation in 2011. The series originally ended in 2015. However, Arawi announced last year that Shonen Ace would serialize the series again in October 2021.

Arawi announced the new tankobon publication through a Twitter post, which included various panels from recent publications of Nichijou. Arawi said that further information about the publication will likely release around the end of Summer 2022. The manga series’ tenth and final tankobon volume released in 2015, nearly seven years ago. It’s still unclear when exactly the new tankobon will release.

Aside from work as manga artist, Arawi has also worked as a designer for the Mechatro WeGo gunpla model series. In addition to a few Nichijou collaboration kits, Arawi has also designed several kits featuring Evangelion characters such as Asuka and Shinji in a signature art style.

Further information about the new Nichijou tankobon will release sometime after Summer 2022. The Nichijou manga series is available to read weekly on Shonen Ace. The anime series is available to watch on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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