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New Nintendo Lawsuit Filed Against Team Xecuter’s Gary Bowser

Nintendo lawsuit Team Xecuter Gary Bowser 2021

Nintendo filed a new lawsuit against one of Team Xecuter’s leaders Gary Bowser. Team Xecuter is an international pirate organization and criminal enterprise that sells piracy tools for profit. The 41-page document details the history of Bowser’s offenses against Nintendo dating as far back as the Nintendo DS era. Nintendo is seeking equitable relief and damages. [Thank you, Polygon.]

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Nintendo claims Team Xecuter’s SX OS is the most installed piracy software on the Nintendo Switch. The company further claims SX OS was pre-installed on 89% of hacked Nintendo Switch hardware for illegal sale at one point.

The civil action lawsuit details who Team Xecuter and Gary Bowser are, what they do, and what the piracy software they sell does. The document provides extensive evidence and history of criminal operations by the individual. In the lawsuit, Nintendo describes Bowser as “one of only a handful of key members of Team Xecuter, running the day-to-day operations of the hacking group.” The document elaborates on the scale of the for-profit operation by detailing distribution channels, resellers, distribution, manufacturing centers abroad, marketing, and advertising.

To further support the company’s lawsuit, Nintendo also claims Bowser has been a leader in targeting Nintendo for years. In addition to its current for-profit Nintendo Switch hacks, the company asserts that Bowser targeted Nintendo during the Nintendo DS, Wii, and Nintendo 3DS eras. Furthermore, Nintendo states the individual has a history with law enforcement regarding hacking. Bowser was charged in Canada in 2008 for his operation involving pirated Nintendo software and modified hardware.

Nintendo has been continuing its efforts in cracking down on piracy. We reported on recent Nintendo lawsuits in May and October 2020 against Team Xecuter and other individuals.

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