New Olija Animated Trailer Portrays Game World in Higher Detail

Olija Animated Trailer

A new animated trailer for the upcoming Skeleton Crew title, Olija, has been made available ahead of the game’s fast-approaching release. The cinematic presents a more detailed version of the 16-bit inspired game’s environment.

In addition to offering a glimpse of the game’s scenic elements through a different art style, the trailer teases some of Olija’s narrative and combat. As the animation plays out, we see the game’s protagonist, Faraday, dodge a barrage of arrows, navigate a misty island, explore a cave, and scale a cliff near a waterfall. He also recovers a legendary harpoon, which he is then depicted as using during combat alongside a sword and pistol. The video doesn’t, however, showcase any actual gameplay.

In terms of gameplay, Olija is an side-scrolling action game in which the protagonist starts off unarmed and eventually gathers an array of other weapons, beginning with a basic sword. These weapons are useful outside of stringing together combos during combat, as they also play a part in the game’s story and can be used as tools in navigating the environment.

Olija was previously expected to release in Fall of 2020 but will now release on January 28, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Benjamin Maltbie
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