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New Paid Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC Adds Stuffed Monster Weapons

New Paid Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC Adds Stuffed Monster Weapons

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title Update 3 showcase also showed off new DLC like the paid Stuffed Monster Series pack. This pack of layered weapons resembles the chibi Monster Hunter plush toys people can buy in the real world. Other paid DLC was mentioned, as was a free DLC voice.

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First, here’s the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Stuffed Monster Series trailer. It looks at each layered weapon one after another. It starts with a Chibi Rathalos Great Sword. A Nargacuga Long Sword follows. Other notable weapons include what looks like Goss Harag Dual Blades, Diablos Hammer, and Khezu Light Bowgun.

Next, some of the extra content only came up in passing. Starting at the 8:36 mark of the digital event, items were shown. Some of the paid emotes and stickers came up first. So did new hair and makeup options. Folks can pay to sound like Bahari and Chichae. Hinoa layered armor will show up. New music like “Scarlet Feast – Malzeno: Metal Version” and “Silver-winged Star – Valstrax: Recorder Version” played while items appeared.

There will also be one bit of free DLC following the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title Update 3. That’s the free DLC voice Kagami. Kagami is an original character from Kamura Village. He’s currently Captain of the Royal Secret Service. He’s also a friend of Utsushi. He’s known for using dual blades, which is referenced in one of his voiced lines.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC. The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Title Update 3 release date is November 24, 2022.

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