New Pokemon PokeToon Short Focuses on Snorunt and Summer

Pokemon short summer poketoon

Pokemon Kids TV Japan posted a new PokeToon short on the channel depicting three boys on summer vacation and the Snorunt they meet. “Fubuki no Natsuyasumi,” which can be translated as “A Blizzardy Summer Vacation,” has an aesthetic reminiscent of a story book, with light colors and lineless art. The PokeToon is around seven minutes long and has both English and Japanese subtitles.

The story of “A Blizzardy Summer Vacation” surrounds three boys who are spending their summer break in a secret base. But suddenly, it gets unusually cold. They realize that it’s because of a Snorunt. Snorunts aren’t usually around at this time of year. So they decide they should tell the adults and take it to the Pokemon Center. However, if they do so, they will have to tell them about their secret base as well.

You can watch “A Blizzardy Summer Vacation” PokeToon here:

Masanobu Hiraoka directed the short, while Takuya Hosogane drew the storyboards and worked on the cinematography. Hiraoka worked on projects for companies like Shiseido, Kirin, and Nissin. Other PokeToons available include “Chase the Beans” and “Yume no Tsubomi.”

Aside from the Pokemon short “A Blizzardy Summer Vacation” on Pokemon Kids TV Japan, a new Pokemon Evolutions episode is also available on YouTube.

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