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New Tsukihime Characters Mio and Gouto Are Members of Saiki Family

Tsukihime Saiki Mio

Type-Moon has released art of two new characters, Mio and Gouto Saiki, who make an appearance in Tsukihime: A piece of blue glass moon. As members of the Saiki family, which is in turn a branch of the Tohno family, they will undoubtedly have a role in exploring that area of Tsukihime lore.

In Tsukihime, Mio Saiki is a mysterious girl that Shiki meets several times in the city. She has run away from home and has little interest in finding work or going to school. According to Tsukihime Material I, Mio Saiki will only make a brief cameo in A piece of blue glass moon. She will have more significance in another game and another route. Rina Hidaka will voice Mio. Hidaka previously provided the voices for Last Order in the Toaru series, Pirika in the new Shaman King, and Veronica in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Tsukihime Gouto Saiki

As the name implies, the second new character in Tsukihime, Gouto Saiki, has some familial relation to Mio. However, it is unknown just what he is to her. He is the representative of the Tohno branch houses, despite his rather eccentric appearance. Chikahiro Kobayashi will voice Gouto. Previous roles from Kobayashi include Legoshi in Beastars, Sugimoto in Golden Kamuy, and Clark Ibrahim in Great Pretender.

Tsukihime: A piece of blue glass moon is currently available in Japan on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. There is currently no news about a localization. Type-Moon has also asked players to avoid sharing spoilers online in order to let consumers experience the game firsthand.

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