Next Goddess of Victory: Nikke Event is Bow-Wow Paradise, Adds Biscuit

Goddess of Victory: Nikke Bow-Wow PAradise Biscuit

A new event for the mobile game Goddess of Victory: Nikke will begin this week and add a new character named Biscuit. Titled “Bow-Wow Paradise,” the new event involves dogs overrunning the game’s setting The Ark, and making a mess of things. The characters then assemble to deal with the problem. The event runs will begin after the end of maintenance on March 15, 2023.

Various items can be found during the Bow-Wow Paradise event. By completing event quests Recruit Vouchers and enhancement items can be acquired. A seven-day log-in bonus will also appear. Checking in each day will mean getting items such as skill enhancement material and others.

The event also sees the new character Biscuit join the world of Nikke. Biscuit is a support-type unit who can heal and power up your other characters. According to the event’s patch notes, she will provide first-aid when a Defender-Type character’s health is low and give them temporary invincibility. She can also raise the critical rate of a character and is the first Nikke who can rebuild cover. Biscuit can be acquired through the game’s Special Recruit system.

You can see a bit more of Biscuit in this official animation below:

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is a mobile game that released on iOS and Android platforms in 2022. Its a PC client debuted in 2023. It features female soldiers called Nikkes fighting mechanical aliens during a post-apocalyptic war.

You can play Goddess of Victory: Nikke on both Android and iOS devices and PCs, and the Bow-Wow Paradise event will run March 15-29, 2023.